Yachts Can Help Business

Yachts Can Help Business

Nov 08

Business in Chicago is as cutthroat as anywhere. With so many competing for every contract and every new client, it can be difficult to make your company stand out from the others. How do you project your quality, professionalism, and success in a way that appears natural but still noticeable? It’s an issue that literally millions struggle with in our city.

It’s hard to say too much focus is put on the presentation in business. The presentation, after all, is your entire pitch, and it is still as make or break as ever. However, one part of the pitch that doesn’t get enough attention is the venue for the pitch. Most people in business assume the best way to try to win over a client is by being traditional. Dinner at an expensive restaurant, golf, or meetings at one office or another are still the go-to choices for the vast majority of those competing with you for those clients and contracts. So, beat them at a game they don’t even know they’re playing: pitch your ideas on a yacht.

There are numerous yacht companies around Chicago, and the prices are far more reasonable than you might assume. If the option is affordable and has the chance to get your potential client out of the office and on the water for a while, why not take it?

Take a look at some of the views on display on the Anita Dee Yacht Charters website. Imagine making a presentation out on the water, with the cityscape all around. You can cruise the lake in fine weather, have the best food made to order already onboard, and make your client comfortable and impressed in a way they find completely unexpected.

Yachts project wealth like almost nothing else. They suggest confidence and previous success. They also show you’re thinking outside the box. You’ll impress clients simply by taking them somewhere they haven’t been.

It’s also easier to sell grand ideas to someone when you have the epic Chicago skyline at your back. Imagine pitching a potential client on a big deal, bigger than they were expecting. If you do it in an office, they’re likely to be skeptical. After all, can they be sure you’re the sort of person who can pull these ideas off? What do they know about you other than a list of accomplishments on a piece of paper? All they have, really, is a bit of history and your word.

But change the location to the yacht, and you already look bolder. You appear in command of your situation, and by using an unexpected business angle, you prove by your actions that you’re someone who is ready to try new things to get the job done.

Using a yacht won’t win you a contract, but it ups your entire presentation package. Stepping foot on a yacht embodies the success every businessperson is looking for. Sailing around the lake, you’ve already taken a big step towards landing the deal.

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