Personal Injuries due to Unsafe Conditions

Personal Injuries due to Unsafe Conditions

Oct 03

Accidents can happen in any place, and even with the premises owner ensuring the safety of their patrons and costumers. A storeowner has the duty of care towards the safety and wellbeing of the people that they invite into their premises, therefore any injuries or accidents due to “unreasonable” conditions can be grounds for a personal injury claim. Premises liability is a common basis for recovering compensation for damages, especially when the accident resulted in serious injuries or damages. Visit the website to learn more about premises liability.

Slip and fall accidents are very common in premises liability cases, and there are various factors that can lead to such injuries. A snowy or icy path can cause a slip and fall accident, while warning signs, display, and poor lighting can hinder a person’s vision and block the way which can lead to a slip and fall accident. Regardless of the reason for the slip and fall accident, the store’s legal responsibility towards their customers can make them accountable for a personal injury claims that occurred within their premises. The cases will strongly rely on whether the store had or should reasonably have known of the unsafe conditions of their premises and failed to promptly take action to correct the problem.

There are ways to make the storeowner liable for injuries, such as when the he or she intentionally made the unsafe condition or that the storeowner knew of the unsafe conditions and neglected their duty of care which lead to the accident. Evidence of negligence or recklessness should be properly documented and presented in order to have a strong case and possible recovery for damages. In personal injury claims, the burden of proof lies in the victim and that they should prove that they were acting with reasonable caution while inside the premises and that the injuries where the direct result of the storeowners neglect of their duty of care. Showing strong evidence, mainly medical records, photographs, police reports or CCTV camera footage and the likes, are key in proving the negligence of the storeowner and will increase the chances of recovering damages.

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