Owners of Dogs are Liable for Any Damages Caused by Their Pet/s

Owners of Dogs are Liable for Any Damages Caused by Their Pet/s

Oct 13

In January of 2016, a 9-year old boy died after getting brutally attacked by his half-sister’s three pit bulls. In February of the same year, a male labrador-shepherd mix family dog bit a 3-day old male infant on the head after his 21-year old mother placed him in a plastic laundry basket (the same basket where said dog sleeps) and laid the basket on the floor beside the couch where she fell asleep. It was supposed that the dog tried to pick the baby up with his teeth, piercing the baby’s skull and causing brain injuries that killed him.

There are so many more stories that tell about the alarming reality of babies, children and senior citizens getting bitten or attacked and killed by dogs – recognized as lovable pets and man’s best friend. According to the Centers for disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 4.5 million dog bites are reported in the United State every year. In 2012 alone, more than 27,000 people required reconstructive surgery due to dog bites, while in 2015, the number of dog bites that resulted to the death of victims reached 34.

As explained by Indianapolis personal injury lawyers, children are especially at risk from dog bites for several reasons. First, a child’s natural curiosity and lack of real-world experience may cause him or her to unintentionally provoke a dog; childlike play behavior may also be challenging or irritating to even a normally patient dog. Second, children may not recognize the warning signs of a dog attack, such as growls, bared teeth, laid-back ears, among others. Third, being smaller and more fragile individuals, children are unable to fight off an attacking dog, making them prone to getting permanently disfigured, scarred, or even dead.

Many different breeds of dogs have been known to cause injuries and/or death; however, the top two breeds that cause the most harm are Rottweilers and Pit Bulls (first in the list of most dangerous dog breeds). A compilation of dog attack deaths and injuries (ranging from 1982 to 2014), show that Rottweilers harmed 538 individuals and killed 85 others; Pit Bulls, on the other hand injured 3,397 people and caused 295 fatal attacks.

Though laws regarding dog bites and dog attacks differ among states, many of these laws hold the dog or pet owner liable for any damages caused if their pet makes an unprovoked attack on another person.